Core Values

Corporate Philosophy: a manifest of our convictions.

As a corporation our goal is to make profit as an economical entity through fair competition, as well as to contribute positively to society. Our corporate philosophy is illustrated by 3 overlapping rings that represent the purposes of our business activities. The area of overlap represents the purpose of our existence as a company. The overlaps of each pair of rings represent our vision, domain, and corporate culture, respectively. Thus, there are 7 elements that make up our corporate philosophy.

Mission Statement: a statement of what we aim to achieve for society through our business activity.

1. Contribution to our Customers: Uras Techno will conduct business so as to contribute to the well-being of our customers through our products, engineering, and services. We will strive to increase the value of our customers’ companies.
2. Fostering of Human Resources: We will make a company of straightforward and bright individuals who have dreams for the future. Uras Techno will foster the growth of our employees, training their intellect, polishing their skills, and building them into respectable individuals who contribute to the improvement of society. They should set their sights on the world and the future without being limited by the concept of business organization.
3. Grand Design: connect Japanese manufacturers and create a network of trading companies and distributors. Currently there is very little chance for new manufacturers to enter the Japanese market. Our Mission is to create a future together with the existing Japanese manufacturers.

Uras Techno’s Purpose of Existence: why our company exists, and the meaning and value of our company to society.

1. A lively administration that works energetically and lives optimistically for our loved ones. We strive to maintain a rewarding work environment which promotes the individual growth of each employee, as well as a stable, happy, prosperous life at work and at home.
2. To prosper along with customers and business partners while contributing to the development of society and humanity.

Domain: the field in which our company works.

1. Using vibration and powder engineering to provide solutions to our customers’ problems.
2. Using “Powtronics”, a combination of powder and control technology, to offer cutting edge powder handling systems.
3. Selling our companies products overseas, as well as providing Japan with the best vibration and powder handling equipment from overseas.

Vision: our ambition for the future.

1. To expand the use of the Uras Vibrator around the globe as the world’s best vibration generator and achieve the #1 market share.
2. To become a trusted advisor and partner to our customers using our vibration and powder handling engineering.
3. To satisfy our customers’ needs by continuous self-improvement and pursuit of employee satisfaction.

Business Culture: the sense of values that we hold important.

1. Uras Techno will strive to maintain our business culture of collective decision making as well as promoting independent thinking.
2. As a company focused on its people, Uras Techno will value the relationships between people, maintain a rewarding work environment, and nurture the individual growth of each employee.