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April 11, 2024

Recycling RPF: Uras Vibrators in Action

Are you working in a recycling facility?  Have you made the move to vibration?

Industrial vibration equipment is used to improve the efficiency of recycling facilities across the world.  Uras Vibrators are extremely helpful to the recycling industry, and such is the case in this screen that aids in the production of RPF (refuse paper & plastic fuel).  Our client needed a double deck machine with three levels of screening, that separates bits of waste plastics that would eventually go into the creation of RPF, a solid fuel that is extremely environmentally friendly.

The screen is powered by two extremely efficient 8-pole vibrators, and comes with multiple easy-open viewing ports as well as an easy-access deck drawer for either sanitation/maintenance or switching out the decks in case a different level of separation is needed.

April 4, 2024

Recycling and Water Reclamation with Innovative Engineering

Some of our machines are used for recycling. Others are used as part of the smelting process.  This guy is used for recycling bits and pieces of the smelting process!  The waste water used for cooling was first put through this screen as part of a filtration process to remove solids before it was converted to usable water.  This allowed the material to be recycled and the water to be reclaimed.

♻ 13mm screen used to smoothly separate material

♻ assisted in water reclamation as well as material recycling

♻ powered by two 6 pole Uras Vibrators, linear motion has never looked so reliable, or so blue!

March 28, 2024

Keeping the Heat On: Solutions for Hot Material Transport

Are you working with a material that needs to stay hot through the entire transport process?
Insulation to prevent loss of heat during transportation process
Detachable trough to easily replace or repair damage
Powerful linear motion created by dual 8-pole Uras Vibrators
Many of our clients work with dangerously hot materials such as coke fuel that, due to either processing reasons or safety concerns, need to cool down in between processes. However, our recent client needed to keep ingots hot throughout transportation. The problem came when air entered through the conveyor and cooled down the ingots before moving into the furnace. Upon arrival, the temperature was too low to be used efficiently.
The fix was simple and inexpensive; glass wool insulation was installed underneath and along the vibrating conveyor. This kept the temperature of the ingots stable, as well as protected the workers from the immense heat radiating from the trough.

March 21, 2024

Precision Sorting with Uras Techno’s Vibro Screen

This Vibro Screen was used to sort fastener parts fed from a magnetic feeder into 2 sizes.  The machine includes an inspection window made from a strong polycarbonate, and a mesh with 5mm slits for screening.

Wanna know what Uras Techno is all about?  Are you in need of reliable, low-maintenance, world-renowned vibrating motors?  Drop us a question at and we’ll get back to you asap!

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