February, 2000 Carrying on the Uras Vibrator and Powder Vibration Equipment Business and Trading of YASKAWA & CO.,LTD. *1, Uras Techno was established with joint investment from Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co.,Ltd. *2 and Yaskawa Electric Corporation*3.
March, 2000 Uras Techno began sales at its four sales branches in Kyushu, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
June, 2001 Release of the single-drum “Vibro Mill 21”
April, 2004 Release of the “Bull Top Separator”, a combination of a bowl feeder and a vibratory screen capable of breaking down and screening mold shells with one machine.
May, 2004 Expansion and relocation of the Osaka branch office.
September, 2006 Release of the “Electromagnetic Multi-Conveyor”, a vibratory conveyor capable of long distance transport.
October, 2007 Release of the All-Stainless-Steel Uras Vibrator in response to demand from the food industry, increasing the number of Uras Vibrator models offered to 100.
November, 2007 Release of Vibro Mill for aggregate recycling (patents no. 5032757 for “Methods of Construction of Aggregate Recycling” and no. 4933969 for “Methods and Equipment for Reducing Water Absorption of Fine Aggregates”)
August, 2008 Release of Vibro Mill for surface polishing (patent no. 5396771 for “Vibrational Powder Mill”)
June, 2010 Expansion and relocation of the Tokyo branch office.
August, 2010 Total number of Uras Vibrators sold surpassed 800,000.
February, 2011 The Uras Vibrator obtained the Canadian safety standard CSA certification.
March, 2011 The Uras Vibrator Standard Series was upgraded to allow for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
November, 2012 Uras Techno began sales of the Cleveland Vibrator Company’s Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators.
February, 2014 Total number of Uras Vibrators sold surpassed 850,000.
May, 2016 Began selling the Type KT Liwell Screen.
March, 2018 Number of Uras Vibrators manufactured surpassed 900,000
March, 2018 Began selling the CPS Disc Brake
  • *1 : YASKAWA & CO.,LTD. September 21, 1960 Sales department of Yaskawa Electric Corporation established as YASKAWA & CO.,LTD. Sales for Uras Vibrator manufacturing transferred from Yaskawa Electric Corporation.Start of sales in coordination with production of powder equipment and vibration equipment at Yaskawa Electric Corporation. Closed along with the structural reorganization of Yaskawa Electric Corporation in 2000.
  • *2 : Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co.,Ltd, established in 1946. Uras Vibrator manufacturing started January, 1959, in cooperation with Yaskawa Electric Corporation. Began manufacturing of vibrational equipment from 1964 to 1969. Extended the factory and started manufacturing powder equipment in 1987.
  • *3 : Yaskawa Electric Corporation, established in 1915. Uras Vibrator manufacturing started January, 1959, in cooperation with Murakami Seiki Mfg. Co.,Ltd. Founded sales division and began selling Uras Vibrators on March 21st, 1959. Began research on vibrating powder mills in 1962, and produced them from 1963 to 1982. Manufactured vibrating feeders and conveyors from 1969 to 1982. (These are only the items which are related to Uras Techno’s history.)