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Flange Mount Vibrators create 3-dimensional vibration using only a single unit, particularly useful for circular screens.

"The Flange Mount Uras Vibrator" was developed for use with circular screeners. The mass and relative angle of the upper and lower unbalanced weights can be adjusted to tune in the ideal 3-dimensional vibration for a circular screener or barrel polisher.

Details about this product


  • A single unit can produce 3-dimensional vibration for a circular screener.
  • Innovative anti-vibration construction allows for easy maintenance and provides a long service life.Small models don't require periodic greasing.
  • Available with increased safety/explosion proof certification.

Primary Applications

Used as a source of vibration for equipment such as circular screens and barrel finishing machines.

Materials that can be handled

Automotive, Ceramics, Chemical, Food, Medicine, Metals

Standard Specifications

Spec KEEV series
4 Pole 6 Pole
Power Supply Three-phase 200V 50Hz, Three-phase 200/220V 60/60HzThree-phase 400V 50Hz, Three-phase 400/440V 60/60Hz
Time Rating Continuous Rating
Thermal Class Class E Insulation
External Cover Structure Enclosed Fan-Cooled
Output (kW) 0.4-1.2 0.35-1.2
Rotational Speed (r/min)
1500/1800 1000/1200
Vibrational Force (kN) 7-20 8-22
(Vibrational Force kN)
Sealed ZZ Ball 7 8
NJ Roller 15-20 16-22
Cable Enclosed Cable2PNCT (4 Core) x 2m(0.75mm2/1.25mm2)
Coating Color Munsell 2.5PB5/2
Installation Environment Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Ambient Temperature (including installation base): -15°C to +40°C
Altitude: 1,000m max.Relative Humidity: 85% max with no condensation
Can be used in tropical climates.
4 Pole
Model Max. Vibrational Force (kN) Output (kW)
Flange Side Bottom Side
KEEV-7-4 / KEEV-7-4R 4.4 2.7 0.4
KEEV-15-4 / KEEV-15-4R 10.4 4.9 0.85
KEEV-20-4 / KEEV-20-4R 14.1 6.4 1.2

* 60Hz-only models have an "R" at the end of the model name.

6 Pole
Model Max. Vibrational Force (kN) Output (kW)
Flange Side Bottom Side
KEEV-8-6 / KEEV-8-6R 5.0 3.1 0.35
KEEV-16-6 / KEEV-16-6R 11.0 5.3 0.85
KEEV-22-6 / KEEV-22-6R 15.4 7.0 1.2

* 60Hz-only models have an "R" at the end of the model name.

Manufacturing Range
Model Poles Models Vibrational Force (kN) Voltage Class (V) Rotational Speed (r/min) Output (kW)
Flange-type model KEEV 4 6 7.1-20.5 200/400 class 1500/1800 0.4-1.2
6 6 8.1-22.4 200/400 class 1000/1200 0.35-1.2

A wide range of voltages other than those listed above are available.
Custom design/specifications are available. Please consult with the Overseas Sales Department.

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