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The Uras Multi Electromagnetic Conveyor is able to convey materials across long distances without transmitting vibration to the work floor.

"The Multi Electromagnetic Conveyor" uses electromagnets as a source of linear vibration to convey materials. The conveyor's design is extremely simple, consisting only of a trough, frame, and balancer. Conveyors are available in 3, 4, or 5 meter lengths, and multiple units can be combined for a maximum length of 30 meters. Smooth starting and stopping ensure extremely minimal transmission of vibration to the ground, making the Electromagnetic Multi-Conveyor very work environment friendly.

Details about this product


  • Conveys materials up to 30 meters.
  • Very minimal transmission of vibration to the ground.
  • Simple and maintenance-free construction.
  • Use of resonant vibration ensures minimal power consumption.
  • Conveying capacity is easily adjustable.

Primary Applications

Conveying and removal of foreign matter from granluated sugar, variable conveying of quicklime to silos, drying medical equipment

Materials that can be handled

Cement, Limestone, Maltitol, Recovered Shell (Bad Blocks), Rubber Plugs, Silica Sand, Sugar

Primary Users

Ceramics, Chemical, Food, Mining, Precision

Standard Specifications

ModelTrough Dimensions (mm)Max Handling Capacity

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