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The Uras Vibrating Conveyors are low-maintainance, provide complete discharge of materials, and prevent spilling and contamination.

"The Vibro Conveyor" moves powders and granular materials by applying linear vibration to a trough. The "CD Series" conveyors use two Uras Vibrators to create forced vibration. The "CPR Series" and "CBR Series" conveyors use an electric motor driving a crankshaft to create resonant vibration. The trough completely discharges the material which is fed into it, making it easy to clean and maintain. A completely closed trough is available as an option, which prevents spilling and contamination of materials. The Vibro Conveyor can handle materials of any size and temperature.

Details about this product


  • Complete discharge of materials for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Enclosed trough prevents spilling and contamination, keeping your work area clean.
  • Can handle any material, big or small, hot or cold.
  • Possible to perform other processes during conveying, such as heating, cooling, drying, and so on.

Primary Applications

Conveying steel scrap to a furnace, long distance conveying of molten slag, conveying incinerated ash, conveying and heating or cooling of powder materials and clumped materials

Materials that can be handled

Castings, Rubber Plugs

Primary Users

Medicin, Mining, Steel

Standard Specifications

ModelTrough Dimensions (mm)Max Handling Capacity

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