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The Vibro Lift has a small footprint and is useful for cooling materials while conveying vertically.

"The Vibro Lift" uses two Uras Vibrators to generate a twisting vibration which conveys materials upward through a spiral trough. It takes up very little space and is easy to clean. The large surface area of the trough makes it suitable for cooling, heating, drying, or cleaning materials. An optional water jacket under the trough makes it an ideal tool for cooling.

Details about this product


  • Conveys material vertically.
  • Small footprint.
  • Useful for heating, cooling, drying, and cleaning conveyed materials.

Primary Applications

Cooling and vertical conveying of PVC pellets, rubber pellets, and ferrite powder, heating of flour

Materials that can be handled

Alumina Metal Powder, Dolomite, Flour, Limestone, Oil Seals, Rare Earth Elements, Resin Pellets, Rubber Pellets, Seaweed

Primary Users

Automotive, Ceramics, Chemical, Food, Precision

Standard Specifications

ModelTrough Dimensions
Lifting Height
Handling Capacity*

*: Bulk Density ρ=1(kg/L)

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